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It's all in the music! Sometimes we hear a song and wonder if we could play it or we're inspired enough to try. Sometimes we wonder why our instruments don't sound as good as they did the last time we practiced. It may be that your instrument needs an adjustment or tune up, you need a new bow, rosin or most commonly, new strings! Below we've listed some great resources to give you everything you need to become an inspired musician and have a great sounding instrument!

Digital Sheet Music

Looking for a specific song? There are some super music websites out there! On many sites, you can see and hear the music first, then download it instantly. This is a great way to be sure the music is not too difficult and just what your looking for. You can also find most of the music books that you need for your lessons. Go ahead look around, it's fun to search out new music!

8notes.com - All kinds of free sheet music for download for all kinds of instruments. Free Sheet Music, Riffs, Lessons and Tools for musicians who play.

MusicNotes.com has a wonderful selection of traditional and modern music. You can order and receive digital sheet music immediately online and print out a hard copy as well. While you play the music file on your computer, the student can follow along as the notes are highlighted on the page. It's a great way to learn songs and read music faster! You can also download traditional sheet music and music books.

Sheetmusicdigital.com - This site offers free public domain sheet music in PDF format for various instruments, plus other music at reasonable download prices. You can look up music by title or composer.

Virtualsheetmusic.com Mostly classical. High quality digital sheet music and audio files for instant download. Mp3 accompaniment files. Traditional sheet music and music books. List of Composers.

Music Stores

Here are some local music stores that sell a wide variety of music for all instruments. Great violin and piano collections to choose from. They will special order if they don't have the music you're looking for in stock. Don't hesitate to ask! they also carry basic supplies and accessories for violin.

Music Village 2971 Union Ave (at Foxworthy Ave) San Jose (408) 377-2504 5885 Santa Teresa Blvd (at Snell Ave), San Jose (408) 629-1812

West Valley Music: 262 Castro Street, Mountain View, CA 94041 (650) 961-1566

Sylvan Music 1521 Mission St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060 (831) 427-1917

Violin Supplies Online

These are all reputable sites where you can purchase quality products. Most of these sites also offer hard copy catalogs filled with great specials and known products. They all have seasonal specials. If you know what you need, save a trip and support your online stores!

Buyviolinstrings.com - Probably the best deal on strings and often with free shipping. Maestro School of Music gets a 10% discount and you can too! Upon checkout, put in the discount code "danascoby" and you'll get a 10% discount on your purchase.

Quinnviolins.com - A good resource for strings and accessories. Based in Minneapolis but known for reputable online sales. Good promotions of you sign up on their emailing list.

SharMusic.com - For new strings, cases, instruments and accessories, Shar has a great catalog and have been around for 44 years.

Johnson String Instrument - New England's largest violin shop. Great quality products and accessories. One of the first and most prominent Internet resources for string players.

Southwest Strings - Great site for specials and discounts. Monthly catalog can be sent to you.

Instruments and Care

Sometimes we forget that our instruments need TLC, too! Cleaning and maintaining instruments is crucial to keeping them functioning at their peak and giving them long lives! That's exactly why so many wonderful instruments have been around for hundreds of years! Below are some great local violin shops to keep your instrument "tuned". Most of these also rent and sell instruments, supplies and accessories.

A Music Connection: 816 E. Fourth Ave., San Mateo, CA 94401 (650) 347-3406 (no repairs)
Heaney Violins: 1350 Grant Park Plaza Suite #13 Mountain View, CA 94040 (650) 564-9013
Kamimoto String Instruments: 609 North 4th St. San Jose, CA 95112 (408) 298-8168
Palo Alto Violins: 345 S California Ave # 1 Palo Alto, CA 9430 (650) 327-8465
Scott Ciao Violins: 1860 Winchester Blvd., Campbell, CA 95008 (408) 378-3665
Stevens Violins: - 1202 Lincoln Ave., San Jose, CA 95125 (408) 275-0717

Piano Tuners (registered piano technicians)

It's a great idea to tune your piano every year. Temperature changes and just time will make strings take on a 'tune' of their own. Then, there's the occasional pencil that falls into the depths of the keyboard or a stubborn note that doesn't want to play. Don't wait! Here are a number piano technicians in the area that come highly recommended:

American Piano Service: Preston Connick: Los Gatos, CA 95033 (408) 393-0124 (408) 353-4771
Rich Rodino Piano Tuner: Los Gatos, CA 95033 (408) 395-0760
Neil Panton Piano Tuning: Menlo Park, CA 94025 (650) 854-8038
Burton & Wilson, The Piano Craftsmen: Scotts Valley, CA 95066, (800) 336-1924

This link shows contact information for nearly all registered piano technicians in California!http://www.pianoacoustics.com/piano_tuning_ca.htm

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