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Everyone is born with musical ability. It is our nature to love music. Even adults who think they can't hold a tune or play an instrument can learn through the proper coaching and teaching. Certainly, some people have special abilities, but many can achieve great results through patience and stick-to-itiveness. The most important thing when both teaching and learning music or an instrument is making it a fun process. When learning is fun, students make great progress and want to learn more. A critical part of Ms. Scoby's teaching is to identify the personality, likes and dislikes of her students and match an exciting curriculum to keep them interested and inspired. There's no shortage of classical, contemporary, pop, theatre or jazz tunes that can be played by students at all levels. Learning to both read and play music should be an enjoyable experience.

Maestro School of Music continues to expand its lesson and course offerings with summer camp programs, group lessons, and specialized workshops. We plan and hold recitals and concerts throughout the year and support our local community with free concerts during the Holiday season and for special occasions.

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